Cervarix HPV vaccine against papillomavirus

In the Belgian newspaper Le Soir , one could read last June that the French Community would imitate the Flemish Community by including, also, the vaccination against cancer of the cervix in the program of school vaccinations, from the beginning of the next school year .

The Minister of Health in the French Community interviewed, Mrs. Fadila Laanan, then explained in Le Soir that vaccination would be free and that “parents will choose in conscience “.

However, the former Minister of Health in the French Community, Catherine Fonck, had refused to include this controversial vaccination in the context of school medicine and, interviewed in Le Soir on December 8, 2008, she stated in particular: ” It is not necessary not to impose the vaccine, which will happen if it is included as such in school medicine . “

All this demonstrates the crucial nature of the quality of information provided to girls and parents concerned by this future ” awareness campaign ” otherwise many people will feel obliged, in practice, to resort to a non-medical procedure. essential that they could regret after the fact.

It is therefore for the sake of freedom and democracy, once again, that the independent citizens’ collective ” Initiative Citoyenne ” sent a letter of specific questions to the Belgian Ministers Fadila on August 8th by registered mail and by registered mail. Laanan (Health in the French Community) & Marie-Dominique Simonet (Compulsory Education) to which we hope these will respond as soon as possible.

Something that should not be difficult, however, if these Ministers are surrounded by competent and responsible scientists …


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