Las Vegas SCAMS #6 Club Promoters - The Free VIP –How not to fall for it! (2024)


Club Promoters / The Free VIP – Las Vegas Strip SCAMS You Must Avoid

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Join Las Vegas personalities Shawn J. Shoulders and Scotty J. Scott as they explore the “6 Las Vegas Strip Scams You Must Avoid.” This series of videos will save you time and money on your next trip to Las Vegas! Each scam on this list is even more shocking than the once before it! No matter where on the Las Vegas strip you stay you are going to find these Las Vegas Scams just outside of your hotels room door. This is the most socking and informative content What’s New Vegas had released since our “9 Shocking Secrets of the Las Vegas Strip” and “What’s New In Vegas for 2018” videos.

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Club Promoters / The Free VIP Upgrade

You are feeling like a pro at this Vegas thing and you and your bros are ready to take it to the next level and hit the legendary Vegas nightclubs. But where do you start?

Lucky for you just at that moment you see an attractive guy / girl in a night club tee-shirt ahead. They are a Club Promoter for the hottest club on the strip. Its your lucky day as they are handing out exclusive VIP packages free of charge just this once. Not to everyone though, just to you, because they like you, and you look like you can party. You know this because they told you this and judging by the official looking credentials around their neck they are legit!

They give you a fancy looking voucher and wrist band. They tell you will be on the VIP list when you arrive and that they “Got You Bro! Don’t Worry.” Then they will hit you up for a tip for “having your back” and taking care of you. You know nothing big “a 20 will do.” Before you know it you are gladly paying up. You are a VIP now after all and 20 bucks is a small price to pay to get into the club and beside there is an open bar so you will make back the $20 with your first free drink.

Then you and your Bros arrive and walk up to the VIP Entrance and show then your wrist band expecting the bouncer to greet you by name, open the doors to the club, and hand you a bottle of booze to get you started. Instead you are told you are on the guest list and to go to the guest list line over there as he points to a snaking mile long line of wrist band wearing VIP’S just like you.
You notice its 11:35 and you remember the open bar stops at midnight so you rush up to order a drink only to discover that the line to get a drink is 40 people deep and you can only order one drink at a time which translates to you never getting a free drink.
Bottom line nothing is ever really free in Vegas and if you are really a VIP you are not going to need a VIP pass to prove it.

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What to Vegas, I'm, Sean and I'm Scottie, and today we're looking at these six six scams.

You totally want to avoid on your next trip to Las Vegas everything we're gonna be talking about tonight is gonna, be on the website.

That's! What's new Vegas comm! What's new vegas Darko, it's new Vegas comm, make sure you go there check it out.

Read it there's a lot more narrative to each and every one of these things.

You're gonna want to go.

Read it Scottie we've reached number six, the six degrees don't want to fall for it while you're in lust me.

No, no! No! No! Okay and this one is a personal pet peeve of mine is it.

It looks like it just any fear.

Oh my god, we say for the last I mean the best.

Okay I came to talk, Oh [, __ ], like just pissed, about this length, particular scam.

So here's the thing you're in town, you're gonna, have some fun.

You arrived, you feel like a Vegas like insider already you're walking down the strip another one on the strip right, you're, walking down the strip you're with your Bros right you're like we're gonna hit a nightclub right, oh yeah, great.

So then you see a really attractive guy girl, whatever usually like a club t-shirt or something like that.

On this trip and you're like dang, we were just thinking, we're gonna, go to a club, there's a club person right there.

Let's talk to them, they're gonna reproach you next thing.

You know they're telling you you know what man you look like.

You know how to party blah.

We love you I'm gonna hook you up, I'm gonna, get you into the club.

I'm gonna make you a VIP I'm gonna, give you an open bar for the entire night.

The firm's gonna have an amazing time.

It's all because of me blah blah blah blah blah your nights, gonna rock right, it's gonna rock! Alright! So basically they give you a voucher.

They give you a wristband.

They do all this stuff.

You are so into the club.

You're, like you and your browser.

Thinking, my god, this may be the best night of my entire frickin life, because now we're like VIPs right.

Well, here's a tip, Amy I'm.

Anybody in Las Vegas ever offers to make you a VIP for nothing.

That's exactly what you're gonna get nothing! Nothing right! You are never gonna, be a VIP in this town.

Unless you give somebody something for real, okay and not like 20 bucks, I mean like 20.

A side of 20 is not where you so anyway.

Here's how this happens, you're on the street, the person's got your black, their back they're like hey, bro, I'm, gonna hook you up a blonde like I just said, then they're gonna give you a wristband a voucher, all that really cool stuff and then they're gonna like stand they're gonna be like you know, pros I hooked.

You up, you know, can you just lame for me blah blah.

Basically, gonna ask you for money? Okay! So that's where it first starts.

So they're gonna like want, like 20 bucks, to come up, but you know what you're gonna be like: dude I'm gonna get free drinks out of this the entire night.

Oh, that's! Damn 20 bucks, no problem right, so you give the dude 20 bucks, then you're like cool.

They knew and your posse of friends arrived with the club you like get there.

You walk up to like the VIP line.

Cuz, you guys are in right, VIP right.

You like to walk right up to the like the the doorman and you're like dude.

Let me in I'm on the guest list, Baba blah next thing.

You know the doorman's like dude bro I, can't do it.

What yeah exactly they're like bro, yeah I, can't do it I, can't let you immediately in I mean you're on the guest list right yeah, yeah yeah.

So then they're like, but there's a guest list like what yeah yeah there's a guest, let's line so basically they plate over there.

They tell you hey, goes down the guestlist line.

Okay, so you go you'll watch the guest list line.

You walk! It goes around several corners.

You still think you're at the end of it, you go to stand there, someone tows, you know it's actually over there you keep going.

The guestlist line is like five or four hundred people.

Long because guess what everyone on this trip is running to this particular promoter or any of the twenty or thirty people like that, every everyone's, a VIP everyone's on the guest list.

Okay, not everyone can be important right exactly because no one's a VIP right, maybe if you're really lucky, you work your way up to the line and then maybe the bouncer may I want to take pity on you, but usually not because usually what they do, is they like Stonewall you at the door, they're gonna ask you for like a hundred bucks, basically to let you into the club right right.

Well, you're, already thinking you're gonna get free drinks when you're inside.

So you know, what's 100 bucks, it's what you would have spent anyway right whatever at this point, you spent four hours line anyway cool, so you gonna you get inside.

You go like find that open bar.

You realize that you remember the dude who hooked you up tells you, the bar closes it like midnight.

It's not like 11:45 yes you're like I can get at least one drink out of this.

That's all right, so you make your way to the open bar, which is usually one bar right and the entire club.

All right that's open, and then you discover there's a line of like 40 people in the bar, so guess what you're not getting your free drink and then at that point you discover dude I'm gonna call that do to hook this up right great.

You know that the bro he's got my back.

Can you told me he had my back right and I gave him 20 bucks I mean he's gotta.

Do something about this he'll do something about that! He's gonna, give you table service whoa table service table table deal with that those you get to buy a bottle.

That's fine right! It's already like 40 bucks.

No, it's gonna! Be like 995! So, basically, you get in you.

Get it out.

You do all the stuff! Bubba! Blog! You know! Twenty! Eight thousand dollars for a bottle of vodka.

You get to set it a table for an evening and you get to drink infertile couple of hours, yeah yeah.

So that's basically the scam.

Just remember anytime.

Anybody in Vegas ever offers to make you a VIP for anything and you haven't given them a wad of cash up front you're, probably gonna give them that wad of cash at the end, yeah yeah, there's going to be a wad of cash right, there's going to be a wad of cash exchange, so yeah, you know, don't bother the promoters on the strip Muslim just avoid them yeah yeah, and by the way you met the ring credentials, because one of the things we discovered was that mostly they're, usually wearing credentials and say they're, like official I'm, somebody right exactly they're still scams.


Thank you for watching hope.

It saved you a little bit of difficulty a little bit of Agravaine a little bit of money.

A little bit of money.

Leave a comment down below tell us what you think of these scams.

If you've ever been a victim of these scams, I'd love to hear your story.

You want to know I want to know all the de gory details, shehram down below remember, to subscribe, mash that notifications icon, so you get notified every time we upload a video you're, not gonna want to miss any of them.

Thank you for joining us.

This is what's new Vegas.

Las Vegas SCAMS #6 Club Promoters - The Free VIP –How not to fall for it! (2024)


How not to get ripped off in Las Vegas? ›

Las Vegas Scams: 10 Ways to Avoid Taking It In the Butt
  1. Don't Fall for the Hotel Floors Lie. ...
  2. Don't Get Long-Hauled. ...
  3. Don't Play Games Unless You Know the Rules. ...
  4. Don't Play 6-to-5 Blackjack. ...
  5. Don't Pay $500 or More for Cognac. ...
  6. Don't Think Las Vegas Sign Photographers are “Official” ...
  7. Don't Be Gouged by Resort Fees.

What is the deal with Vegas promoters? ›

Las Vegas Nightclub Promoters: Their job is primarily to get people to the club (guest list, general admission, discounted admission), but are also able to assist with table reservations. The “club promoter” you're used to back home, doesn't do exactly what you're thinking of in Las Vegas nightclubs.

How much do Vegas nightclub promoters make? ›

As of Jun 30, 2023, the average hourly pay for a Club Promoter in Las Vegas is $21.37 an hour.

Are Vegas promoters free? ›

Using our free promoter services comes at no cost, and also means there is no obligation or requirement to tip. Simply enjoy your time at the top clubs in Sin City.

Does the sandwich trick work in Vegas? ›

Just like anything else, the sandwich trick is successful on a case-by-case basis. Some hotel clerks are more receptive to it than others, and some hotels have more flexible upgrade policies than others. Some of the more receptive hotels in the past have been the Luxor, The Mirage, Hotel Paris, and Bellagio.

What is trick rolling? ›

A “trick roll” is a scheme using the false promise of sex for money to scam a would-be customer. The client, known as “John” or “trick” is “rolled” or robbed by the hooker. In Las Vegas, prostitution is a minor crime.

Why do promoters in Vegas give free tables? ›

First and foremost, a comped bottle is essentially a free table and bottle (a non-specific type of alcohol usually) that is offered on behalf of the nightclub to make the club look busier or in exchange for promotion due to a large social media following or what the club considers an "attractive" group to help paint ...

When should I contact Vegas promoter? ›

Given how busy Las Vegas club promoters are, one of the things you don't want to do is message your preferred promoter too far in advance. Messaging them a week or two ahead of time is all that you need. If you send them a message any further back, there is a good chance that they will forget your details.

What is the difference between a VIP host and a promoter? ›

VIP Hosts are typically given a guest list as well, but they will often give their people to promoters in exchange for their table customers. A VIP host in Las Vegas is focused on clients with cash to spend, and are virtually paid to party with them.

How much does a VIP host make in Vegas? ›

What is the average salary for a Vip Host at Resorts World Las Vegas Llc in the United States? Based on our data, it appears that the optimal compensation range for a Vip Host at Resorts World Las Vegas Llc is between $54,566 and $105,875, with an average salary of $70,180.

How much do you tip a promoter in Vegas? ›

Vegas venues usually do not give suggested tip amounts for other staff members like VIP hosts or promoters. So if you only tip the server, that's perfectly fine and acceptable. And that's usually the only gratuity that most table guests pay anyway.

How are Vegas promoters paid? ›

Most club promoters are not paid a salary. Club promoters are normally on a sales commission based structure, where they are either paid a flat dollar amount for a set number of guests, a tiered payment based on performance, or a set dollar amount “per head” (“per head” means “per guest”).

How to get in free to Vegas nightclubs? ›

Depending on how busy the night is, the guest list will close at a certain point as the venue fills up, so arrive early. Arriving before 10:30PM can be critical for getting in free. If you usually run late go extra early and have a drink somewhere in the casino before the club opens. You won't regret it.

How to get free room offers in Vegas? ›

The best free way to get complimentary hotel rooms in Las Vegas is the myVEGAS app. myVEGAS is a slots app for iOS, Android, and Facebook. You can redeem free rooms in the app by earning gold loyalty points by playing the game. These rewards are attainable without any real life money being spent.

What is the $20 Vegas trick? ›

Slip a $20 bill between your ID and credit card and ask clerk if there are any complimentary upgrades available. There must be more to it than that, you're thinking. But nope – it's that easy. They will start typing on their keyboard and will do their best to give you a complimentary upgrade because they want the tip!

How does the $20 trick work in Las Vegas? ›

They hide their 20 dollar bill in between their credit card and ID when they hand it to the front desk staff. Essentially you're providing a bribe or a tip to the staff member in hopes that they can move you into a better room than what you originally booked for no extra cost, other than the tip you provided.

How can I protect myself in Las Vegas? ›

How To Stay Safe in Las Vegas – Actionable Tips!
  1. Thwart Pickpockets. ...
  2. Keep Your Valuables (Cell Phone & Wallet) Stowed Away. ...
  3. Don't Hire that “Lady of the Night” ...
  4. Don't Invite Strangers to Your Room. ...
  5. Safe Hotel Room Practices. ...
  6. Wire Large Amounts of Cash in Advance. ...
  7. Don't Leave Valuables in Your Vehicle. ...
  8. Imbibe Responsibly.
Feb 16, 2023

How do you not gain weight in Vegas? ›

One of the best ways to keep fit is by simply walking. The entire Las Vegas strip is about 4 miles, so it is possible to walk it and get to just about any place without a car. Vegas also has a great monorail system in case you get too tired.

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