Paracetamol – So it comes to the fatal overdose

Wick Medinait contains, for example, 2 grams of paracetamol in 100 ml. 30 ml should be taken in the evening. However, patients often believe that a lot also help a lot and take them twice or even three times, above all so that the sleep-inducing effect starts more quickly.

Some take half a glass fully, that is about 100 ml and thus 2000 mg of active ingredient. That’s half the daily maximum dose. If the patient now takes the Wick Daymed capsules, the situation worsens.  Each capsule contains 325 mg paracetamol, you can take up to eight capsules a day, according to the package insert. That is already 2600 mg paracetamol.

Even with normal intake of the night juice (ie 30 ml), the patient now comes to 3300 ml of paracetamol. Anyone who then injects a few paracetamol tablets quickly gets over the 4000 mg.
Now the patient wants to avoid exactly this and additionally attacks with high suffering pressure to a preparation, which does not carry the word Paracetamol in the name, such as Thomapyrin intensively and whistles according to package leaflet again max. 1500 mg of paracetamol.

This happens quickly. The patient staggers in the pharmacy, buys the Wick products, is also taught by the pharmacist. But because he is so bad, his wife buys a few drugs out of sheer love so that he gets better quickly. Since these are all over-the-counter items and, above all, Wick-Medinait has the appearance of a harmless cough syrup, liver damage is inevitable.

Conclusion: Delivery of over-the-counter medications only on presentation of the health card. Storage of the previous purchases on the map. Warning for dangerous combinations with appropriate information from the pharmacist. This is the only way to prevent a fatal overdose by doctors or pharmacies shopping.


The pharmacy takes care of your heart

Every year 17.5 million people in the world die prematurely from cardiovascular diseases, pathologies associated with our lifestyle and that could raise this figure to 23 million by not taking measures to address the problem; simple measures that start from a change in lifestyle habits because prevention is shown as the basic pillar to fight against risk factors such as tobacco consumption, unhealthy diets, obesity, physical inactivity or excessive consumption of alcohol.

Although associated with the older population, cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of death in the active population. In fact, the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality estimates that 23,000 people are unemployed for this reason. According to data from the last National Health Survey , more than 35 percent of Spanish workers have a high cardiovascular risk , with three or more risk factors. Of the respondents, only 10 percent of the active population had no risk factor and 54 percent had one or two.

In the control of these risk factors pharmacies play an important role. The 22,000 health facilities working at street level in Spain provide a key capillarity to deal with the prevention of heart disease. In this regard, we must remember a study conducted by the General Council of Official Associations of Pharmacists, ensuring that pharmaceutical care in patients with heart failure reduces hospitalizations by 29 percent.

The professional performance of pharmacists can be carried out from different areas, always starting from the educational intervention and reinforcing the messages that allow to control the different risk factors. In this first step it is necessary to deepen in the recommendations on changes of style of life destined to foment healthy habits that contemplate the abandonment of the tabaquismo, the control of the arterial hypertension and the cholesterol. Not forgetting the practice of moderate physical exercise for 30 minutes at least 3 times a week and maintain a proper diet consisting of consuming 50 percent of fruits and vegetables, 25 percent carbohydrates and 25 percent protein.

Another point of action would be pharmaceutical counseling, more specifically the correct use of cardiovascular medication , monitoring adherence and identifying the most frequent possible adverse effects. We must not forget that the lack of adherence to treatments is a prevalent problem, with very significant clinical and economic consequences, being mostly preventable.

Are paracetamol and ibuprofen infertile?

More and more couples are unintentionally childless. In addition to older age and environmental toxins, experts have recently been responsible for paracetamol and ibuprofen. When taken during pregnancy, they damage the germ cells of the unborn child.


In July 2018, the magazine “Bild der Wissenschaft” published a detailed report on the reasons for the growing number of unintentionally childless couples in Germany. According to a current estimate of the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs this is every eighth to fifth pair. The author Susanne Donner has questioned various experts – reproductive medicine, endocrinologists and chemists – about the causes. First and foremost is still the higher age of women when they decide to have a child or found the right partner or have reached the desired occupational situation.

From the middle of the forties it is very difficult for a woman to get offspring without the help of reproductive medicine. This is because the eggs are already attached to the embryo and age with the woman. At the same time, the genetic defects in the oocytes are becoming more frequent. (To minimize damage to oocytes, older women who want to have children are advised to take Resveratrol and coenzyme Q10.)

In men, the sperm are constantly being regenerated during life. But in the past 50 years, the sperm count and quality has drastically deteriorated. Recent data from the Lincoln University College show that sperm counts in Europe have dropped 32.5 percent during this period; in Africa even by 76.2 percent. It is no coincidence that the World Health Organization 2010 downgraded the limits for a spermiogram after which a man is very likely to be unfruitful.

Chemicals and painkillers under suspicion

This draws attention to other factors. So far, only chemicals with a hormone-like effect were suspected: certain disinfectants and cleaning agents, hair dyes, UV filters in sunscreen creams or plasticizers in plastic bottles (bisphenol A). The WHO has listed a total of 800 such infertile chemicals. But their concentration of these chemicals in the body is usually comparatively low. However, when you take one of the over-the-counter painkillers acetaminophen and ibuprofen by comparison, the active ingredient in the body gets a much higher concentration – and that, according to recent findings, during pregnancy, carries the risk of losing fertility in the fetus.

The endocrinologist Rod Mitchell from the University of Edinburgh apparently warned experts in 2015 about the effects of acetaminophen on the unborn child. He had transplanted testicular tissue from aborted male fetuses into mice and treated them with analgesic for one week. As a result, the amount of testosterone in the grafted tissue had decreased drastically. Shortly thereafter, his French colleague Severine Mazaud-Guittot from the research institute Inserme in Rennes made similar experiments on the effect of ibuprofen on the ova of aborted female fetuses. In comparison to the control group, the number of oocytes was halved after one week of treatment with ibuprofen. A look at the medical database Pubmeb shows that the two researchers are now continuing their investigations together and the suspicion is confirmed.

Unfortunately, these findings come too late for couples with unfulfilled desire for a baby, as they should have heeded by their parents. However, if the wish to have a baby has been fulfilled (yet), expectant mothers should refrain from paracetamol and ibuprofen in the first trimester of pregnancy so as not to impair the fertility of their own offspring.

What you should consider to maintain or improve the quality of your germ cells:

  • Avoid drinks from PET bottles because of the hormone-like action of the plasticizers
  • Avoid foods contaminated with hormones
  • Avoid alcohol, nicotine and other drugs
  • Use gloves when cleaning and handling chemicals (including hair dyes)
  • Avoid lubricants, hair restorers and, if possible, medicines
  • avoid radiation by frequent X-rays, for safety’s sake do not keep your laptop on your lap and keep your phone in your pocket
  • Men should also avoid tight trousers and heated seats in the car

However, from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, it is only one side of the coin to avoid pollutants and detrimental factors. The TCM works primarily with herbal formulas to improve the quality of the germ cells. In combination with reproductive medicine, this improves the chances of getting healthy offspring.

Cervarix HPV vaccine against papillomavirus

In the Belgian newspaper Le Soir , one could read last June that the French Community would imitate the Flemish Community by including, also, the vaccination against cancer of the cervix in the program of school vaccinations, from the beginning of the next school year .

The Minister of Health in the French Community interviewed, Mrs. Fadila Laanan, then explained in Le Soir that vaccination would be free and that “parents will choose in conscience “.

However, the former Minister of Health in the French Community, Catherine Fonck, had refused to include this controversial vaccination in the context of school medicine and, interviewed in Le Soir on December 8, 2008, she stated in particular: ” It is not necessary not to impose the vaccine, which will happen if it is included as such in school medicine . “

All this demonstrates the crucial nature of the quality of information provided to girls and parents concerned by this future ” awareness campaign ” otherwise many people will feel obliged, in practice, to resort to a non-medical procedure. essential that they could regret after the fact.

It is therefore for the sake of freedom and democracy, once again, that the independent citizens’ collective ” Initiative Citoyenne ” sent a letter of specific questions to the Belgian Ministers Fadila on August 8th by registered mail and by registered mail. Laanan (Health in the French Community) & Marie-Dominique Simonet (Compulsory Education) to which we hope these will respond as soon as possible.

Something that should not be difficult, however, if these Ministers are surrounded by competent and responsible scientists …


Essentials to better understand psoriasis

Although it affects a small part of the population (2 to 3%), psoriasis is currently one of the most common diseases. It is a disorder that is manifested by chronic inflammation of the skin. The areas of friction, such as elbows and knees, are the most affected. However, red patches covered with scales (whitish skin fragments that come off) can also form and spread to all parts of the body. Psoriasis is very well treated. But even before talking about treatment, it is important for the patient to understand what is happening to him in order to better treat him.

A particular disease of the skin

Professionals, even those who have specialized in skin diseases, havenot yet been able to detect the exact cause of psoriasis. However, the experts confirmed that the problem results from a dysfunction in the immune system. And that it can be treated externally through the application of specialized products (such as over-the-counter care).

The disorder is caused by an external or internal factor that stimulates the production of white blood cells without the body really needs it. This results in skin inflammation accompanied by unexpected cell regeneration that does not meet the normal expected duration.

Indeed, if the elimination of dead cells is normally 30 days, it is limited to 3 or 4 days for individuals with psoriasis. The disease manifests itself in different ways depending on the area of ​​the body affected. Plaque psoriasis is the most common case (80%).

However, sometimes the condition worsens or reaches other areas of the body. Thus, psoriasis in gout is like small lesions appearing everywhere except the area of ​​the face.

Erythroderma means that the problem has become widespread. It is practically the most serious form of the disease. Finally, there is the type of psoriasis visible only on the scalp and can extend to the top of the forehead in the most difficult cases.

Good practices that help better treat psoriasis

In order to relieve the disease easily, it is important to identify triggering and aggravating factors. Stress, intolerance to certain drugs, temperature or other, all risks must be ruled out. It would also be best to reduce or even avoid smoking and drinking.

Medicines Sold Only by Pharmacists

In a previous article, we saw that online pharmacies could only sell drugs that did not require a prescription . We briefly mentioned the fact that, in addition, these over-the-counter medications can only be sold online by pharmacists. It is therefore on this last point that we return in this article. Especially since initially, the first proposal of law authorized a wider panel of resellers.

When pharmacists put pressure

We understand perfectly well that the sale of drugs is regulated. This avoids excesses, counterfeiting, trafficking, or access to drugs that can be dangerous or used as drugs. Besides, it is quite normal that anyone can not sell drugs online and that only some dealers can do so. This was originally planned in the ordinance of December 19, 2012. It allowed the sale of non-prescription drugs under certain conditions. Several potential resellers were allowed, such as supermarket chains or certain persons meeting specific criteria.

However, pharmacists, through the National Association of Pharmacists, did not find this sufficient and responded quickly. The goal is that only pharmacists have the right to sell drugs online. They finally won the case and in the order of 1 January 2013 it is clear that the online sale of medicines without prescription can be done only by pharmacists.

Of course, it is understandable that pharmacists feeling threatened by the development of online sales of drugs want to be the only authorized resellers. However, we are talking about non-prescription drugs that can be purchased at any pharmacy without anyone checking if they are needed. Perhaps it would have been better to redefine over-the-counter drugs than to totally prohibit the sale of certain products that are classified as non-prescription drugs and that do not represent a real danger. It’s a bit the same process that prevents retail chains from selling non-prescription drugs in their stores.

Unclassifiable: Pharmacist

Who killed Santa?

No, at first glance, it is not an iatrogenic death, even if it is fashionable now to incriminate the pharmaceutical industry forgetting that many other actors are part of this vicious circle that medicalizes our lives. And even if, given the venerable age of Santa Claus, it is certain that an agonist analog GnRH (Enantone, Decapeptyl …) or a glitazone (Actos …) or a gliptin or … would have provoked a heart attack in less than two or heart failure in less than three. Or maybe Santa Claus has abused Viagra too much, with these obligatory, uniformly prescribed times of play, performance and duration.

Is not Don Quijote who wants …

Anyway, if you want to raise a battery of children fanatics nuclear, fierce opponents of ecology and technosciences – even if it is not Mother Nature who has grown the wind turbines – show them this image of Jean-Michel Thiriet and explain to them why they will not have any more video games next year, nor dolls suffering from breast hypertrophy by prostheses to inflate the hole of the Secu, nor animals which illustrate the digestive functions …

The Enlightenment – this is the case to say – will have been right about the myth and the obscurantism of our kids …

In 2012, let’s try to make the joke of George Peters quoted by Professor Jean-Louis Montastruc: “one medicine is fine, two drugs, it’s possible, three drugs, watch the patient, four drugs, monitor the doctor; five drugs, hospitalize the doctor! “

Since no one tries this thankless task, Pharmacritique should “monitor” as doctors, even though some of them, fortunately rare, prefer to see myself in the place of Santa Claus on a wind turbine blade (c ‘ is the message of peace and love of neighbor that emerges from their “announcements” or “good news”, to stay in the vocabulary of season …). Maybe they will find a little serenity or they will solve a possible dysfunction of biliary secretions thanks to the guaranteed natural drugs, in DCI, effective and without undesirable effects listed on this page , like the Fepalcon °;) From the time of the hippies , there were other substances to create a mood of peace and love;)

Happy New Year everyone!

Noël écologiste éolienne.jpg

Non Prescription Drugs

Depending on the country you are in, the legislation on online pharmacies can be very different. Here, it is online pharmacies accessible from France that interest us. The latter can officially sell drugs on the internet since 1 January 2013. However, this does not apply to all medicines. It is therefore essential to review the operation of online pharmacies in France.

What can you buy?

While in some countries all medicines without exception can be sold, this is not the case in France. Indeed, it is impossible to legally obtain drugs that normally require a prescription from a doctor. In this case, you must go to a traditional pharmacy, because this kind of medicine is prohibited for sale online in France.

Thus, when we talk about online pharmacies, in reality we do not find all the products present in a conventional pharmacy. Only non-prescription drugs may be available online.


This is a real obstacle to the development of online pharmacies. Permitting the sale of prescription drugs could boost the online pharmacy market. The reason for this blockage is above all safe. By banning the sale of these types of drugs, the government is blocking access to drugs that can be dangerous or used for other purposes than for treatment. The person is therefore obliged to go to a conventional pharmacy and present a prescription from his doctor to be able to benefit from these drugs. Yet, as discussed in another article, online drugs can only be sold by pharmacists. So there is also a more lobbyist reason for pharmacists. These do not necessarily see as good news the development of online pharmacies, since they can lose many customers.

Still, it may be relatively simple to implement an electronic prescription to secure the online purchase of over-the-counter medications. If not in other countries, it is the doctor himself or the clinic who orders the drugs for the client so that he receives them directly at home. So there are solutions that we may see develop in France in the coming years, when the legislation will be relaxed on this subject.

Which patients will we be tomorrow? Promises of personalization: from alternative medicine to transhumanism.

The festival Sciences infuses , which takes place from September 17 to October 14 under the title “What health for tomorrow? “. This is the general question, common to the events on which you can inform yourself from this page .

Saturday, October 7 at 17:00 will be held at the library Elsa Triolet de Pantin a round table under the title ” What patients will we be tomorrow?” , which I will have the pleasure of intervening to discuss with Caroline BARRY , researcher at INSERM, member of a team charged with evaluating alternative practices. This team has already made several scientific evaluation reports of certain practices (so-called soft, alternative, natural pseudo-medicines, …) such as osteopathic, auriculotherapy, hypnosis, etc. Caroline Barry will present and comment on the results of these assessments and future prospects. As for me, I will talk about the technosciences in medicine, from the point of view of ethical issues and the necessary critical reading of the promises …

Before commenting on and discussing the criticisms of a psychoanalysis which is the typical example of pseudo-scientific mystification , here is the presentation of the round table on this page of the Pantin libraries website, which also contains all the practical information :

“A custom-made medicine is the promise of personalized medicine Thanks to the progress of genetics, pharmacy and computer science, a scientific revolution is announced: treat each patient according to his genetic profile, his environment.

But this predictive medicine is also worrying: is it really reliable? Predicting a disease that may be declared in 20 years, does not spoil the lives of patients who moreover are turning more and more to alternative medicine: hypnosis, fasting, osteopathy …

Philosopher, host of the blog Pharmacists, Elena Pasca of the association Sciences Citoyennes is known as a whistleblower , she will exchange with Caroline Barry, researcher at INSERM who works on the evaluation of alternative medicine.

Image: CC BY-CN-ND 2.0 Richard Ricciardi “

médecine personnalisée,caroline barry,inserm médecines douces,transhumanisme médecine,homme bionique,don d

I would like to read these two aspects otherwise, I would like to be able to say that this festival is questioning this year on  the forms of health that are set up on the one hand by the growing influence of pseudo-sciences (“alternative medicine”, “alternative medicine”, complementary medicine), on the other hand by changes in medicine coming from technosciences and technological applications. Because these two aspects are essential in the answer on the patients that we will be tomorrow: be believers and accepting all that comes from the technosciences and goes towards the transhumanism and the increased man, the strengthened capacities, etc. This theoretical augmented man will have a very unequal and differential impact: he will benefit from a few very rich sources, but his development will be done by creating and extending more and more a market of the human body redefined as a capital, a database and possessions to capitalize, to fructify, to transform from value of use into exchange value, which begins with the body broken up and deconstructed into components (organs, tissues, genes, cells, intracellular components, etc.).

this page , starting with this one ) on their physiological states, diktats of the modes, of the Jeunisme, thus undergoing injunctions to “not let go, “to use plastic surgery and regenerative medicine, etc. The latter being at the crossroads between conventional medicine and pseudo-medicines (alternative, complementary, soft and other abusive terms, since it is not about medicine).

The interests of many industries depend on the hold of sexist and differential stereotypes and clichés (on different abilities, so different functions) on women. So, in the end, these interests depend on the hold of psychoanalytic theories on all the domains involved in one way or another in the discussion of the nature of women and the consequences (various applications). Especially since, being a lack, an absence, a negative, an enigma in the pejorative sense of the term, a perverse without superego, envious of the penis, hysterical by definition, etc. every woman must experience psychic problems because of the inherent destructiveness of her nature, her overflowing of amorphous affects, and so on. All this comes from an anatomy reconstructed by psychoanalysis according to the needs of the cause, and erected into destiny: the absence of external sexual organs (?!), Because psychoanalysis sees the woman as an anatomical hole, doubled by ‘a hole in culture and civilization’ …

We must stop the woman, says Jacques Lacan, since we can only “half-say” of this bitch described by the absence of all the properly human capacities, held by men (reason, logic, form (versus affects amorphous ), capacity of abstraction, ethics and morality) who are the only ones to put in place and to be able to perpetuate the symbolic order, the Law of the human species, guaranteed by the equation intended to place the Name-of-the-Father on the desire of the mother … Equation that Yann Diener , another Lacanian in position of power and the public money that psychoanalysts do not want to lose, we regularly rehash in Charlie Hebdo , with other dogmas and some quotes from the master charlatan Jacques Lacan. He said everything and his opposite.

Why are males the only ones endowed with human faculties? Given the anatomy as destiny , it is inevitably in the anatomy that the answer is found: the males have nothing to prove, to accomplish to be worthy of the name “being human”, “humanity” . On the contrary, in view of the risks to mankind posed by the new women’s rights, including the “belly empire,” men should physically show who is the leader, to assert the Law against all that destroys them. legal-symbolic frame of masters. This has the consequence that they lose their superb, “the foreclosure of the Name-of-the-Father” which endangers children … See the rants of an incredible hatred of women and their families. rights, in addition to the usual misogyny and gynophobia, in the Lacanian psychoanalyst Gilbert Levet , for example in his book Enfant hyperactif, enfant bethe .

So men have nothing to prove because they possess the only psychoanalytic symbol, the guarantor of noble human capacities: the penis, the only organizer of sexuality, the unconscious and culture , according to Lacanians … women with their Penisneid (penis desire) live in perversion even if they prove to have all the abilities and know how to use them … There, they are phallic and must be mate, brought to accept “the feminine position” and to make the apology. Psychoanalysis is a therapy in this sense. Mater women. Maintain the symbolic order, the privileges of males, guarantors of the Law.

The whole psychoanalytic sect mobilizes itself not to give up an inch of the enormous cultural influence – all the psy culture results – from total control over medicine and care in general. This is what the unpardonable Gerard Pommier – another author of misogynistic lucubrations dubbed pseudo-scientific verbiage, as master gurus Freud and Lacan have always done – called ” the empire of psychoanalysis “, recalling among others, the majority of child psychiatrists have psychoanalytic training. Gérard Pommier is the president of the association “Pour la psychanalyse”, which leads the battle to keep a total grip on the entire culture psy, and nothing to give in hyperactivity and autism. I will come back to this again and again, explaining in detail that the defense of helpless children is a pretext – a noble cause, which is better in the media than direct sexism – to attack women, responsible for the diseases of their children (mother crocodile, mother spider, causing havoc on girls, …) and, as hysterics, also their …

In 2004, INSERM published an evaluation report on psychoanalysis (which can be downloaded from this page ), which made the psychoanalysts furious and mobilized to censor it. Censorship, intimidation, pressure, verbiage and smoking all over the media and thanks to the relays of their positions of power – that’s what psychoanalysis is, as we still see it in the attempt to disrupt the holding of a conference on hyperactivity, on September 29th. Because Gérard Pommier and the others do not support that other approaches are evoked. There is a smell of disappearing public money to finance medical-educational centers, medical-psychological centers and other structures in which the psychoanalyst settles and leaves a child with autism stay in one corner during the whole session , if he wants.

We hear such statements from them in Sophie Robert’s documentary , The Wall. Psychoanalysis challenged by autism . Documentary that psychoanalysts have tried to censor, by suing the director, by launching a campaign of disinformation and denigration unprecedented. The High Health Authority has classified psychoanalysis among the methods that have not proved their effectiveness in autism, and it is a precedent that psychoanalysts do not want to see reproduce and whose consequences they want to limit. And, incredible as it may seem, they managed to drown everything in a communication 100% psychoanalysis, victimizing themselves, saying that it is their critical potential, their status beyond the control, the specificities of a science that is set to standardization and the big bad DSM, in short, what would be the exceptional virtues of psychoanalysis in terms of therapeutics, social criticism (where?), critical vision of the world, resistance, the last bastion of humanity and listening to the suffering of the subject, blah blah, which would have the gift of irritating all those who want to serve the interests of the pharmaceutical industry, want to stay in their neurosis to draw secondary benefits (especially women, all hysterical but claiming to be somatic patients), etc.

Medicine is reproached, including by psychoanalysts, dehumanization, depersonalization, the coldness of a technical platform and expeditious acts eliminating the most important, namely listening to a person suffering. It is not only from the point of view of the verbalization of suffering that listening is crucial. Because studies of the causes of medical errors have shown that more than 90% result from insufficient listening, because the patient is interrupted after thirteen seconds on average. This lack of humanity, this side expeditious explanations are discussed elsewhere, which are also co-responsible for over-medicalization (see the introduction to Workshop No. 2 on the causes of over-medicalization, and my presentation that develop it at the 2012 Bobigny symposium on this page ). Because instead of taking the time to listen to the description of the symptoms by the patient, the doctor prescribes additional examinations, which can lead to an endless spiral, for example if we discover an incidentaloma, which will give rise to other imaging tests, blood tests, etc.

Then the technosciences – the height of dehumanization – come to the aid of medicine and promise to be the vector by which humanity and the totality of the person will be reintegrated into care. If, and only if, we accept that medicine integrates technosciences to profoundly change its raison d’être, to go even further in what I have called the misuse of the social function of medicine, in presentation on the causes of over-medicalization already mentioned .

The boundaries are unclear between a commodity health and well-being that is highlighted by the WHO definition and allows for an infinity of forms of marketing and trade, and on the side of the complex medico-industrial and the complex side naturo-psycho-holistic. Both use the same marketing strategies of misinformation, the same techniques of the communication of influence, consisting among others to scare us to handle, sell us more and more expensive products. Both fall under the same logic of medicalization and overconsumption. It must be emphasized, because the merchants and ideologues of nature canned and psychic decoding (according to prejudices and beliefs) we smoke by presenting the alternatives as off-market system, or even anti-system. With them, it is the products sold that change, not the logic, nor the commodification. In addition, these products can multiply infinitely, despite the lack of any evidence of effectiveness, because they fall under the regulations on food supplements … No guarantee, no control. Neoliberalism reaches its peak with this trade, on the one hand, and on the other, with the biotechnological applications that pave the way for transhumanism. Contrary to the illusions sold under phrases such as “personalized medicine”, preventive medicine, etc., these medico-industrial practices deny the person and fragment it until dissociating the body and transforming it into a database (tissues, cells, genes , organs, …). Each individual would be a self-entrepreneur, holding a “health capital” that he must maintain, increase, grow. The conceptions of social protection, medicine and care in general are transformed, altered at the same time as the notions of causality, normality, pathology versus deviance, responsibility … Reinforce one’s capital with the help of the technique presented as an extension of the human and allowing to develop and multiply the capacities, it is the first step towards the acceptance of the increased man . But neither the augmented man nor the bionic man will be for everyone. The poor will be guinea pigs and donors, as was seen in the case of John Moore, who gave particular leukocytes to allow the development of an anti-cancer drug. He has been totally excluded from all that is the valuation of his “gift”, namely patents, profits, etc.

Neoliberal individualism seems to place the individual at the center, as if everything were put at his service, to better render him responsible and guilty of the defects of an economic system over which he has no real hold. A system that puts a majority of poor (who come to sell organs, tissues, gametes, in addition to their work force) to serve the few rich who can pay and have a personalized medicine … Various strategies are put in place to recover and exploit all that is ethical and humane, including giving . But it is always the poor who give (or sell at a price close to zero), such as poor women who rationalize the rent of their bodies in surrogacy, oocyte donation, etc., under the pretext of helping rich women. The ideology arrives to present such acts as a valorization: such a saleswoman would thus have more value … A value almost null on the market, and a work force obviously so little valorized that they must put even their bodies in sale or rental. As for prevention and the preventive medicine triad , predictive medicine, prescriptive / proscriptive medicine (in the ethical sense, thus specifying the role of social control agent exercised by medicine), I have addressed them in the articles on this subject ( “prevention, abuse of prevention”), based on Sackett’s criticisms, but also in the theoretical context of the writings of Critical Theory, Michel Foucault, Ivan Illich and others. A book that I particularly recommend is Céline Lafontaine’s Le Corps-marché. The commercialization of human life in the era of the bioeconomy (Seuil 2014).

A summary of the critical positions on preventive medicine and the triad as well as other references are in my 2012 presentation already cited dealing with the misuse of the social function of medicine. Elena Pasca


The Benefits of Online Pharmacy

A simpler and more extensive choice

We can not say that choosing a product in a pharmacy is the simplest thing, except when you already know what you want precisely. In most cases we leave it to the seller. If you want to be able to choose your own product among those in the same category, the online pharmacy should suit you. Not only is it easier to choose, but it is often more important than in a conventional pharmacy.

An online pharmacy is like an online store. The different articles are grouped under different categories and sub categories. Just click on one of them to reveal the choice of products available. Not to mention that all online pharmacies have a search tool. Thus, the user will be able to type the name of the product in a search bar and see appear on the screen the corresponding articles. Otherwise, it is also possible to sort by different criteria: price, category, type of care, type of container, etc.

In a few clicks you can easily sort the different articles on the site of the online pharmacy and find the one that interests us. Especially for each of them we can read a small description. It is therefore we who choose the product by comparing it to others of the same category.

Online pharmacies also provide access to a huge selection of over-the-counter medications and other wellness products. You can choose between more different items than in a traditional pharmacy. We find everything we need when it comes to a product that does not require a prescription.

And thanks to the simplified sorting, despite this huge choice, finding a product is quick and easy in just a few clicks. Just add the ones you need in the basket and confirm the order. The items will then be delivered to the indicated address or to the selected parcel relay within a few days.

Better prices

Do you know that for non-prescription drugs it’s the pharmacists themselves who set the prices. If in some pharmacies there is no abuse, in others prices can be multiplied by 3 or 4. The problem is that we rarely compare prices between different pharmacies in our city . In addition, sometimes the city may contain only one pharmacy. By going on the internet, the comparison is simpler and prices are very often lower.

Online pharmacy is not the only place where you can see better prices online than in classic stores. This phenomenon is present in most e-commerce. This is even one of the main advantages to buying its products on the internet. Online pharmacies are no exception to the rule, so it is generally cheaper to buy non-prescription drugs over the internet than in a conventional boutique.

In order for this price gap to be really interesting, we advise you to group your purchases in one order. Indeed, we must not forget that home delivery is financed by postage. The more items an order contains and / or the higher the order amount, the lower the shipping costs. For example, it is not the same thing to pay € 5 shipping fee for an order of € 20 for an order of € 50. Especially since very often, from a certain amount of purchase the costs are free.

We do not encourage you to buy any product to increase the order amount. No, the goal is to try to group the different products that will be needed in a single order instead of making an order such month, another the following month, etc. We must anticipate the next purchases that will be necessary to include them in the next order. It’s a bigger expense right now, but you only pay the delivery costs once instead of a few times.

With this method, we benefit more from lower prices offered by online pharmacies. Otherwise, some online pharmacies offer withdrawal at the pharmacy, that is to say at no extra cost.

Secure purchases

For those who are reluctant to shop at online pharmacy sites for fear of insufficient security. Know that online pharmacies use the same security processes that large e-commerce sites. There is virtually no risk of being stolen bank details when you make a transaction on an online pharmacy. At least, no more risk than a site like Amazon for example.

Clarification that only pharmacists by profession are allowed to sell medicines without prescriptions on the internet in France ( List available here ). In other words, when you visit the site of an online pharmacy, the available products are sold by a pharmacist and not any individual selling articles on the web.

If you fear not to be on a real pharmacy online, do not hesitate to type the name of it on the internet and to look at the opinions of the Internet users. A fraudulent site is quickly detected on the internet, and word of mouth is so fast that these sites are quickly closed by the authorities.

But again, always buy your medications without prescriptions from recognized online pharmacies. There is a list available on the internet and gathering all sites authorized to sell drugs online in France. Only pharmacists with a pharmacy, those managing a mutual pharmacy or a mining pharmacy can have an e-commerce activity.

The over-the-counter medications found on online pharmacies are the same as those available in conventional pharmacies. Online pharmacies must also always offer the site the opportunity to contact a pharmacist.

Regarding online payment, it benefits from the same security tools as most e-commerce sites. So there is no need to worry about it.