When it comes to marketing and advertising, you want to listen to techniques that make most sense for the year you live in. 

But what does that mean? Well marketing and advertising is all about attention. Finding where the attention is and delivering your message.

So where is the attention in the year we live in today? On the internet! YouTube, Google, Snapchat, Instagram. 

Billboards? Tv ads? Print? No way! Most people don’t even keep their eyes on the road today never mind look at billboards. Most people skip commercials or check their email or social media news feed during commercials. And most people do all their reading on their cell phones.

So now that you realize where the attention is, the question is how do you capitalize on it? Well just like most good questions, the answer is it depends.

If you’re selling direct to consumer, you can do wonders on facebook ads, free stuff with instagram and snapchat.

If you have something that people want and are searching for, you use Google. Either adwords, or search engine optimization (SEO).

This is where EnExT Consultants comes in. They specialize in helping businesses get found when people are searching for their services or products.

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We live in a brand new world. The days of push advertising are coming to an end. The effectiveness of throwing your product and service in front of people’s faces are slowly dying.

The days of pull marketing strategies like SEO are getting stronger and stronger. People are getting smarter. They realize they now have so much more control of who they choose to do business with. 

At the end of the day people value their time most. They want to buy stuff on their own time. If they need something, then they’ll search for it. If they like something, there’s incredible ways to target them today.

So the question to ask yourself is am I marketing in the year I live in? And if you’re not you have to ask yourself how quickly will you adapt. Because before you know it the world is just going to get more confusing. 

Adapt with the times, find the right people to help you and you will continue to be ahead of your competition. That’s why EnExT Consultants just might be the perfect marketing and advertising firm you can find. They will position you for success today. To save you money. And to stretch your advertising dollar as far as possible.

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It will often be overwhelming attempting to decide the way you wish to organize your finances and get paid as a contractor when you first start out. Really any rapid search for ‘contractor tax’ will bring up hundreds of businesses offering various options to how to get the most from the money. Within the years these have included Employee Benefit Trusts, Handled Service Businesses, Offshore Trusts and various other employed options that have later been investigated and proven expensive for all involved. But really whatever you need to know is the fact that when it comes to managing your earnings there are two routes to take that are guaranteed to keep you around the right side of HMRC – setting up a limited company, or joining an umbrella firm. Both of these have the advantage of years of use by thousands of contractors along with the guarantee that they’ll not get you into trouble when it comes to IR35 or tax avoidance. Which one is right for someone who is new to contracting?

Limited or Umbrella?

And for contractors who have really been in the business for quite a while and are bringing in more than GBP300 a day there are some advantages to Limited Companies in terms of taxation. But at precisely the same time there’s far more admin that goes into running a limited company and that means a lot more paperwork each day and much more time dealing with an accountant.


umbrella companies uk have always been popular with contractors and have been round for quite a long time, but the interest in umbrella businesses has rocketed. That’s because from composite constructions umbrella companies were seen as distinct from 2007 onwards and single individual businesses and new legislation affirmed their conformity and that they might not raise the ire of HMRC. In a nutshell umbrella firms work within PAYE and also the contractor pays PAYE and NIC ‘s the same as any employee, whilst also having the capability to claim many business expenses back. Additionally they have the additional benefit of needing no paperwork whatsoever (save for a one timesheet at the end of the week) as well as the contractor does not, consequently, have to deal with accountants, the taxman as well as customers who haven’t paid their invoices. The umbrella company handles on their behalf everything.

You will have many things to worry about with finding clients and meeting expectations when you commence employed as a contractor. Having the ability by hiring an umbrella company to make sure all HMRC obligations are met to lessen the load allows contractors that are new the time to concentrate on building a customer base up. To being your own business, you may be building up but starting out you will confront lower gains – for this reason, creating a limited company first of contracting wouldn’t be the very best option. Without building up expertise you’re uncertain of being able to continue as a contractor; it can be too much work, an excessive amount of pressure, or you may find that you might get more working for another person. Developing a limited company has ongoing obligations that you would find even more stressful in the event you determined not to continue contracting. That is why it’s obviously advised to start small by knowing that contracting can be ended by you just as fast as you began with total tax conformity in addition to hiring an umbrella company for the initial couple of years, that way you may rest easy in knowing you are completely legally compliant. Starting a limited company is expensive and takes time – an umbrella firm is not much more expensive and might be obtained instantly.


Your business keeps running on your finances. Having the capacity to track and examine your income and expenses is critical for the survival and health of a business. Accountants likewise help you with your financial forecasting and also cash management through their advice in the wake of doing an internal audit.


Getting to know how your financial health for your business is an essential information and data that must be constantly updated. Each business industry may have different operating styles and the need for cash may be done differently. For example, in the construction business, while the contracts are of big amounts, there are a lot of expenses especially when it comes to construction materials. Construction companies may think they are making a lot of money with the amounts of cash coming in but when the suppliers start handing you the bills for the stuff you purchased from them, the cash going out may even be faster than going. In that sense, the need for good financial forecasting is a prerequisite. In some cases for even bigger contracts, the contract itself may be used as collateral for construction companies to borrow money from banks as part of the operating capital needed for the project.

An accountant can help the construction company make a forecast on how much money needs to be sourced from the banks. It is to the interest of the construction company that the less money they need to borrow from the banks, the better as the interest does eat up on the profits. Accountants can also save money for such companies by properly applying the specific expenses to areas that is tax deductible. Sometimes what you consider as a meeting with a potential client is an expense cost which is properly placed helps your bottom line in the end.

Some companies have internal accountants and external accountants. The internal accountants actually take care of the internal operating expenses and earnings of the company and do the financial forecasting and even help in doing the paperwork for any loans to be made. An external accountant deals with the local and other taxes that need to be paid. Some local companies may have one accountant doing both jobs. What is important to note is that companies have to be transparent with accountants so they get the real picture of how your company is and make the appropriate recommendations.

Professional accountants play crucial roles in businesses, especially for start-up businesses looking for a complete financial help. It is indeed, very easy to get confused with the numbers or overlook certain digits altogether, especially if you don’t have experience in business accounting or finance.

Also, it is imperative to set-up accounting system right from the start, even if you’re using a basic DIY software package, as changing it after is almost impossible to do.

Also, when your business starts to roll, you’ll definitely need more from your business accountant, from making comprehensive financial reports, financial planning, etc. Basically, they can free up your time from various tasks in finances and allow you to focus more on building and running your business.

How Accountants Work

Professional accountants are well-trained personnel who are capable of adding value to your business and save your business money in the long run. Most starting businessmen overlook the importance of these professionals, as they tend to associate their importance solely for tax time.

Accountants are capable of doing more than just file tax returns, generate financial reports and maintain financial records of the business. They’re more than capable of being business consultants as they can always read the business’ operation data and offer valuable advice for the growth of the company.

Here’s some of the many things they can do for your business.

Government Legislation Compliance

The legislative of legislative is constantly changing, and getting more and more complicated each year. Accountants, particularly the CPAs , are very familiar with both the corporate law and the tax law needed for compliance with government legislation. Not to mention they keep up with these changes.

General Bookkeeping

This is the most basic role of accountants, and they’re well-trained to keep the financial records of a business and generate financial reports or standard financial documents. They can also provide professional assistance in opening bank account for the business and set up a direct deposit system for payrolls and vendor payment.

General Financial Consulting

Again, an accountant is more than capable of providing professional advice for business, especially for business financing, flow management, price control and inventory management.

Tax Planning and Reporting

Aside from the standard tax reporting, professional accountants can also offer general tax planning and maximize tax deductions of the business. This is very important, especially for small businesses and home-based businesses.

Accounting activities are very much necessary for any business venture. Not only from the point of view of giving transparent return to the government authorities, but also for the purpose of keeping a tab on the self-finances, the accounting of a business is important. Many enterprises are taking care to put their finances in order so that they comply with the recent guidelines and regulations of the government authorities. This requires the stringent check of the business finances and various kinds of financial services. Furthermore, the accounts have to be prepared in a standard format, so that there will be comprehension as well as readability.There exist different types of accountants;


The accountant types are:

Management Accountants – Accountant Putney, Accountants Wandsworth, Accountants Putney and Bookkeeping London have management accountants that will take care of everyday finances of an individual client or a company. These skilled accountants are trained in a several different segments of the accounting profession. Those individuals who are self-employed, run a small business or have several investments may want to hire a management accountant. Even businesses who do their bookkeeping and accounting will see the benefit of management accounting services as they will deal with VAT returns, budgeting, ensuring that your enterprise is stable financially and will handle sales invoices.

Taxation Accountants – Accountants Putney, Accountants Wandsworth, and Accountant Putney can supply your business with a taxation accountant who will work with companies and individuals in preparing corporate taxes, payrolls and tax returns.

Chartered Accountants – Chartered Accountants will give constant management and advice concerning audits, budgets and financial systems. A Chartered Accountant’s general goal is to amplify their employer’s profitability whether it is an individual client or a business.

Corporate Recovery Accountants – A Corporate Recovery Accountant will steer a company that is struggling towards financial solidity by offering some services. He or she will identify the company’s weakness, then find a recovery strategy, and then monitor the business performance afterward. You will find some of the best Accountants Putney, Accountants Wandsworth, and Accountant Putney around.

Corporate Finance Accountants – These accountants have the ability to assist large businesses and companies in maximizing their growth potential and profit. Normally this kind of accountant will focus on mergers and acquisitions, structuring and raising debt and give advice on private equity and they will focus on corporate restructuring.

Risk Advisory Accountants – Employing a risk advisory accountant is vital for a business of any size because it makes sure your business has a risk management scheme in place. Businesses, unfortunately, face several risks like an inability to reach its goals because of adverse circumstances and financial losses. They will assist you in finding the problems and create a strategy to ensure that your business is covered financially in case of other problems

If you are in the market for any of this kind of vital and professional services, Accountants Putney, Accountants Wandsworth, Accountant Putney are business services that you will want to discover and employ.