Homemade Shaving Cream Recipe - Primally Inspired (2024)

Homemade Shaving Cream Recipe - Primally Inspired (1)

When my favorite beauty and natural skincare guru, Jenni from Jenni Raincloudagreed to give the Primally Inspired readers her favorite natural skincare recipes and tips, I was so thrilled! Her natural skincare recipes have completely transformed my skin into glowing, healthy, nourished skin. This is Jenni’s last week with us for Beautiful Skin Friday’s and I hope you’ve enjoyed her posts and skincare recipes as much as I have. Make sure to subscribe to her blog so you can be the first to getall her new recipes right in your inbox!

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Lavender Sandalwood DIY Shaving Cream

Homemade Shaving Cream Recipe - Primally Inspired (3)

Jenni from Jenni Raincloud here! Happy Beautiful Skin Friday! The season for bare legs is coming at us quickly-pasty, hairy, ashy legs are just not going to work-AS IF! Yeah, I just quoted Clueless. Sorry about that. Anyway, for the past year or so I have struggled with finding the right razor. Nothing seemed to work-either the razor was surrounded by chemically enhanced junk or I would get cuts and burns and still have stubble. That was until I gave in and started using shaving cream. Making your own shaving cream is so fun and could not be easier. You will love how it conditions the skin, leaving legs smooth and moisturized. Oh, and a close shave? Yes. Shaving cream will give you that close shave that is a must for those daisy dukes-just kidding-I don’t wear daisy dukes but you know what I mean. Oh, and this recipe is excellent for stubbly faces! Men need shaving cream more than anyone so this is for the guys too!

  1. Shaving cream softens the skin, making the skin more elastic. When the skin gives, you don’t have to press as hard for a close shave which helps with less cuts.
  2. Shaving cream softens the hair, making it easier to shave.
  3. Shaving cream reduces irritation because it nourishes and protects the skin from the razor.
  4. Shaving cream lifts the hair making it easier to shave for a closer, smoother shave.
  5. Using a shaving cream is a 3 in 1! By using a shaving cream you are cleansing, shaving and moisturizing with one action and one product!

Using a shaving cream is an excellent way to replenish your skin. It also helps smooth the hair in such a way that you tend to get a closer shave without nicks or cuts. I always keep a jar of homemade shaving cream by the bath and use it often in the summer. Using sunless tanners or having a real tan gives your skin a healthy glow, but when your skin naturally exfoliates, you lose your color. By moisturizing often you can help prolong your color and keep it from getting that “ashy” look!

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Coconut oil is incredibly healing and will protect the skin from irritation. Avocado oil softens and moisturizes the skin. It is extra rich and will nourish the skin like no other oil. Vitamin E oil is a mild preservative as well as a rich moisturizer. It also helps repair skin.

**Feel free to use olive oil, almond oil or extra coconut oil if you don’t have avocado**

Sandalwood essential oil restores moisture and relieves inflammation and itchiness.

Lavender oil can reduce redness, get rid of the swelling of razor bumps, and prevent irritation from razor bumps.

Castile soap gives your cream a nice, fluffy texture and a lovely slip.

Ok, so let’s get started!

1 TBSP Avocado Oil (find it HERE)

1 cup Coconut Oil (find it HERE)

10 drops of Sandalwood Essential Oil (find it HERE)

15 drops of Lavender Essential Oil (find it HERE)

3 TBSP. Castile Soap (find it HERE) (or HERE)

1 tsp. Vitamin E Oil (find it HERE)

  1. Add all ingredients to a COLD bowl.
  2. Using a hand mixer or table mixer, whip ingredients for about 4 minutes or until light and fluffy.
  3. Transfer your shaving cream to a container.
  • A word of caution=We are not using a strong preservative in this recipe so you must be careful to not allow water to get into your shaving cream. Water will cause bacteria and your shaving cream will grow mold much sooner. I thoroughly dry my hands before dipping them into the jar.

  • Be aware that the shaving cream could make your shower or bath a bit slippery. Only use enough shaving cream to coat the legs or face-too much will end up being a mess and a waste!
  • The shelf life of this shaving cream (as long as you keep it water free) should be about 3-5 months.
  • Depending on the temperature of your bathroom, the cream could melt or harden-That’s OK, the fluffiness is only to imitate the texture of store bought shaving cream. Texture will not effect the benefits. You can re-whip it if you like.
  • This shaving cream will melt quite quickly once applied to your skin, that’s totally fine.

>>>As an added note-some skin is prone to ingrown hairs-Apply a drop of melaleuca (tea tree) and a drop of lavender right on the ingrown hair 2x a day to help unclog the skin.<<<

I hope you enjoyed this DIY post! You can catch more post like this one @ Jenniraincloud.com!

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Homemade Shaving Cream Recipe - Primally Inspired (8)Jennifer, from the blog Jenni Raincloud, lives in Edmond Oklahoma with her husband and 2 daughters. She has been in the skin care world for over a decade. She believes beautiful skin comes from the inside out. In order to achieve youthful skin a healthy lifestyle must be in place. If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin are her words to live by!She sells her skin care products onEtsy, runs her “at home spa” for closeclients and blogs full time. She is happiest staying home with her family andcooking up healthy skin care products in the kitchen!You can follow Jenni Raincloud onFacebook,PinterestandEtsy.

Homemade Shaving Cream Recipe - Primally Inspired (2024)
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