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Google's annual smartphones release has always been something everyone looks forward to, and with the Pixel, it's no different. The two phones from Google this year are admittedly a little bland as far as design goes, and like every other smartphone, they're most definitely fragile. Drops or falls could definitely damage the display in bad ways and also chip or dent the sides of the phone. Google is offering remedies if that were to ever happen, but the best insurance is still a well-built and quality case.

If you're looking for a stylish and protective case for your Pixel and Pixel XL, we've gathered all the best out there below!

Speck Presidio Clear

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The Speck Presidio Clear case is all protection and no style. If you don't want to cover up the design of the Pixel, this case is the way to go. It'll keep Google's design front and center all while adding a layer of protection. Speck has drop tested this particular case, rating it for protection against drops up to 8ft. It's likely able to handle more than that with its dual-layer protective design, though. One neat thing about it is that there's a scratch resistant finish as well as resistance against UV yellowing. In other words, even though it's a clear case, it shouldn't have any discoloring or look terrible beat up in its first few months of wear.

When buying the case from Amazon or any other retailer, make sure you're choosing the right version for your Pixel, given that there's 5-inch and 5.5-inch options on the device.

Buy it now (Pixel): Amazon
Buy it now (Pixel XL): Amazon

Speck Presidio Grip

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Speck's Grip series is a long-time favorite, and it's back for the Pixel and Pixel XL. This is an even stronger case than the Presidio Clear, rated up to 10ft of drop protection. With the Presidio Grip, you get raised bezels that keep the screen protected by hitting the case bezel instead of the screen if you were to ever drop the device. And of course, this case, designed for impact, is shock resistant, too. In addition, if you found that the Pixel and Pixel XL were a little slippery, the texture on the back of the case should help you feel like you have more of a handle on the phone and reduce some of that slipperiness.

On Amazon, it's available for the Pixel XL in black and for the Pixel in Marine Blue.

Buy it now (Pixel): Amazon
Buy it now (Pixel XL): Amazon

Spigen Rugged Armor

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If you're looking for a blend of ultimate protection and excellent style, the Rugged Armor from Spigen is the one for you. With glossy, carbon fiber textures, you get a premium look with added grip. This case gives you military-grade protection as well as Spigen's proprietary Air Cushion technology for great all-around shock absorption. This is a single-layer rubber/silicone case, meaning there's no second polycarbonate later. That said, we're not sure how well this case would do in heavier drops, as it isn't encased in a hard layer.

Buy it now (Pixel): Amazon
Buy it now (Pixel XL): Amazon

Otterbox Defender

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If you're looking for the best phone protection on the market, you can't go wrong with the Otterbox Defender's hefty 3-layer protection. This case will keep you protected in the most rough environments, say, if you're camping, hiking or work in a garage, shop or construction site. The first layer is a solid polycarbonate shell, the second a rubber slipcover and the third is a integrated screen protector. All of this works together to provide you with the toughest drop protection and the best dust protection. And since this is a full coverage case, the case will take all of the normal wear and tear, keeping your phone safe from scratches, dents and paint chips.

Buy it now (Pixel): Otterbox
Buy it now (Pixel XL): Otterbox

Live Cases

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If you're looking for a little more unique style, Google will let you customize and build your very own Live Case. Not only do you get a little added protection from the shell of the case, but you can also put your own unique style on the case in a variety of ways. There are three totals options. The first is the Photos Live case, where you can customize your case with a favorite photo of yours. The second is a Places Live case, allowing you to customize your case with a special place on the map. Last up is the Artworks Live case, where you can choose different pieces of artwork on your case from popular artists, illustrators and photographers.

Buy it now: Google Store

Pixel Case by Google

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Last up is the Pixel Case by Google. These cases are neat in that there's a ton of color variety. Right now, only Grey is available, but soon enough, it'll be available in Blue, Green, Peach and Coral as well. This is a silicone case made with three materials–the silicone exterior adds better grip and shock resistance while the polycarbonate core gives it support. The case is finished off with a microfiber material. This will provide you with ample protection against drops, though it's certainly nowhere near as protective as, say, the Presidio Grip or even the Otterbox Defender.

Buy it now (Pixel): Google Store
Buy it now (Pixel XL): Google Store


And that wraps up our list of our favorite most stylish and protective cases for the Pixel and Pixel XL! No matter what case you choose from this list, you'll get ample style and protection. With how much variety there is, there's certainly something here for everyone.

We hope we helped you make a smart buying decision!

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Best Google Pixel cases - Talk Android (2024)
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