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Add 1/2 teaspoon Cream of Tartar to the aquafaba before beating it. This will greatly add to the stability. Also, if you blend the sugar in your blender for a few seconds it will be more powder-like and mix in fast with the whipped aquafaba, which should only be added AFTER you have a very stiff meringue mix. For more tips see the links at and follow the links to the Facebook groups. If you are interested in a sugar-free aquafaba meringue check out


I tried adding cocoa powder and the "meringue" turned back to liquid.



Cocoa will always make aquafaba meringue fail: To make chocolate meringues use 1 tsp chocolate extract and .5 tsp each of vanilla and coffee extracts.

Dawn | KitchenTravels

The cooking water is the one you want to use (not the soaking water). Some people have found that if you leave the beans in the cooking water overnight in the fridge and then drain, the resulting aquafaba is a bit thicker and makes a stiffer meringue. This post in the "Vegan Meringue Hits & Misses" Facebook group has a tried-and-true recipe with lots of tips. Have fun!

Nouveau V

I used a whipping stabilizer, and confectioners sugar. I had beautifuly whipped peaks and the meringues when baked came out perfectly. Oh yes, I found that refrigerating the liquid before whipping it works a lot better than using room temperature canned liquid.


That happened to me the first time too. With some research though I realized that it was caused by baking them on waxed paper. Any tiny amount of fat, oil or grease will ruin them. I tried again on parchment paper. They came out perfect.

Tim Murtaugh

A quick note about sugar — white sugar is often not considered vegan by many vegans (because of how it's processed; Google "bone char"), so swap in an unprocessed sugar before passing these on to your vegan friends.


I used vanilla since I didn't have almond extract. They whipped. They baked up crispy. They tasted like crystalized farts. Had to throw them all away.


Meringue collapsed.


I followed Kevin's suggestion and added 1/2 tsp cream of tartar to help stabilize in humid weather. Because I had to leave the house before the meringues were entirely dry to touch, I left them in the oven after turning the oven off. Five hours later, they were perfect. As you can see in the photo, do not expect snowy white meringues. Perfectly crunchy for an Eton Mess (broken meringues topped with strawberries and whipped cream). Has anyone tried an aquafaba Pavlova?

Alan Bennett

This is because the cocoa powder has fat, which will prevent the proteins in the aquafaba from holding their shape. You can get away with adding cocoa to an egg white meringue — working quickly, anyway — because egg whites are naturally more stable than aquafaba.


I hope this will work using the drained water from my own simmered chickpeas. I usually pour off the soaking water before I cook the beans so I will be making the aquafaba with the water added to the beans for cooking. If it doesn't work, I will presume that the enzymes in the 1st water hold a key to the process. It could be. That would mean I would make the recipe using the water that the beans both soaked and cooked in.


It works fine, but took me a couple of tries to cook the water down to the right thickness.


I’ve made merengue’s with aquafaba many times but decided to try out this recipe for a change - unfortunately it did not go well for me! I don’t usually set the oven as high as 250 and these were burning within 20 minutes. Not sure what went wrong but I’ll be sticking to longer, lower bakes in the future.

CC Baker

Made with aquafaba leftover from making chickpeas at home. I didn’t love the flavor but they looked great. I may try again without the almond because I enjoyed the “batter” flavor before that was added. Maybe vanilla would be better.


To my knowledge, meringues need to be thickened on Bain-Marie after whipping. I followed this recipe to the letter and mine collapsed in the oven. So much for my fast meringues.


Home cooked chickpea aquafaba worked. I presoaked for 24 hours because they are large, and tossed liquid, as usual. These swell to 3x volume. I used 1:1 ratio with plain water in Instant Pot on high, 15 minutes, natural release. Drained completely, refrigerated aquafaba overnight. I added extract and cream of tartar to liquid, added sugar slow in mixer. I only have two baking sheets, so I did the rest on parchment in a food dehydrator overnight, which also worked. Humidity will kill these.


The aquafaba whipped into meringue consistency very easily and held its shape in the oven. But the taste was very, very bad. I rarely give two-star ratings, but this tasted so bad I would be embarrassed to serve it to someone.


Wooo, I have no idea what I did wrong. All of these collapsed. I did two trays - one on the bottom, one on the top - and the bottom was burnt TO A CRISP. The top was about half overdone and half gummy. Only marginally edible.


I tried adding 1 tsp instant coffee as someone suggested, and I do not recommend -they spread out instantly in the oven and were ruined.


The tip to add 1/2 tspn Cream of Tarter before beginning to whip fluid was useful. Would reduce amount of sugar by 1/4% and a bit less almond flavoring. Only needed 1.5 hours of cooking.

Val from NZ

Made this out of curiosity and didn’t expected much, and these were really good. Only got 2/3 cup liquid from my can, so I reduced the sugar to 2/3 cup. I followed the advice of others and put in some cream of tartar at the start. I also used a stronger flavour than almond extract from a fear of a beany under taste. I dissolved a teaspoon of instant coffee in a teaspoon of vanilla.I was really happy with the result, but recommend you eat these same day. They were ok but not great day 2


These turned out fine in the sense that they looked good and held up well (no collapsing). However they melted immediately in the mouth like cotton candy and so had a very unlike-meringue texture and feel. They also had a strange aftertaste that, while not terrible, didn’t do it any favors. I’ll stick with traditional egg white meringues.


Ugh - I thought I had cream of tartar but couldn't locate it. After whipping for 15 minutes I thought they were fine but when I looked in the oven after an hour they were collapsed and totally liquified. I MIGHT try again once I get cream of tartar since there wasn't much actual work to it, but disappointing and a mess to clean up!

erin AH

Parchment paper is essential. Tried without and they cracked when I wedged a spatula underneath


I made these with a 1/2 tsp of Cream of Tartar, Black Walnut Extract, Vanilla extract and Stevia. I dipped the bottoms in Semi Sweet Chocolate and crushed walnuts. Delicious and mostly guilt free.

Sarah C

Opted for lemon extract in lieu of almond. Would recommend 200*F for oven temperature. Meringues at 250 had too much browning.


I used vanilla since I didn't have almond extract. They whipped. They baked up crispy. They tasted like crystalized farts. Had to throw them all away.

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Aquafaba Meringues Recipe (2024)
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