8 Luxury Brands Made in China That’ll Blow Your Mind (2024)

Do you know that some luxury brands are made in China? All businesses work hard to minimize costs and maximize profits. One of the ways they do that is by outsourcing part of their most expensive operations to a third-party who will manage it at a cheaper price.

The fashion world is not spared of this either so here are the top 8 luxury brands made in China.

Luxury brands have been with us for centuries now. We have grown to trust them and rely on their cutting-edge fashion expressions. Since we’re so invested, it’s only fair that we try to discover where they develop the luxury items we cannot do without.

I am a fashion manufacturer, so I know some big brands are making their products in China. So, I share this information with you guys.

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This Italian luxury powerhouse has been around for over a hundred years now. Specializing in leather handbags, shoes, and travel accessories, they operate out of the fashion city of the world, Milan.

It is very possible that your favorite Prada merchandise was made in China. While this brand did hold out for long before making the move, they knew it was inevitable and they communicated this just as much.

According to its billionaire designer, Miuccia Prada, moving manufacturing to China is not something luxury brands will want to by-pass and in fact, they find themselves seeking it out.

Since moving to China, Prada has been listing shares on the Hong Kong stock exchange market and opening several stores all over the mainland. Bags, shoes and clothes are made in these stores.

Apart from China, Prada also outsourced to Vietnam, Romania and Turkey.

2.Dolce & Gabbana

Two male Italian designers are the brains behind this luxury brand. Dolce & Gabbana met while designing at the same fashion house before going on to create the powerhouse that we know now.

Famous for their fragrances, sunglasses and clothes, this company makes their products in a bunch of countries. D&G, unlike their counterparts have their products earmarked with the right country for the “Made In” tag.

Whether the product is made from Turkey, Serbia, China or Italy, the brand will proudly shout about it.

About two years ago, Dolce and Gabbana found themselves at odds with the Chinese nationals after creating an ad that was perceived as racist.

This resulted in a drawback from customers across the world and heavy sanctions were imposed on them.

Some burned their products and the nation of China cancelled their subscriptions to their online platforms.

Thankfully as of last year, D&G finally got some reprieve and is now somehow back on track.


This British fashion powerhouse has been churning out iconic Burberry tartan plaid trench coats for which it has been world famous for.

Close to 170 years in fashion business, this luxury brand has no qualms about informing us where their goods are manufactured.

Burberry is known to manufacture in China, Spain, Italy, Poland, India, US, Romania and England. They have factories in all these countries and a several more places across the globe where they contract factories to piece together their unique designs.

Despite having moved base to China more than 30 years ago, their products continue to be made with supreme quality material and technique.

4.Marc Jacobs

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This is a high-end casual fashion brand that makes somewhat affordable clothes for everyone to wear. instead of doing more high-fashion or evening themed collections, Marc Jacobs dedicated his passion to creating great colorful patterns that tell a story.

In 2017, Marc Jacobs launched its first online flagship store in China in collaboration with VIPLux which is the channel through which international luxury brands get featured and promoted to the vast and profitable Chinese population.

Marc Jacobs still uses Italian leather in the Chinese factories meaning that their quality has not been compromised. Being so public about their affairs, it is clear that Marc Jacobs has confidence in their contracted manufacturers.


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This 40 year old Italian fashion house does not shy away from letting the world know that they manufacture some of their products in China and across the world. The company has two branches under its umbrella: Giorgio and Emporio Armani.

Giorgio Armani is known for high-fashion, street couture wear and diverse fashion accessories which it designs, manufactures and retails in hundreds of physical and online stores. These stores could be independent or part of the Armani franchise.

Emporio Armani is a collection that meets the needs of 20 to 30-year-old adults. It is less expensive than the Giorgio Armani collection.


A British luxury fashion powerhouse founded in 1971 in UK and famous for leather goods and accessories. Their bags cost anywhere between a few hundred to a few thousand dollars and they are unashamed about labeling their products as Made in China.

Mulberry makes most of its leather goods in its own factories and still uses some traditional methods infused with modern techniques. It is the largest manufacturer of leather goods in the United Kingdom.

Mulberry created the Alexa Bag after Alexa Chung who is a writer, model and fashion designer. This has since caused a lot of stylists and social media influencers, especially of Chinese origin, to heavily endorse the brand.

These good relationship proves that Mulberry has its foot firmly planted in the heart of China and everyone loves them for it.


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Started in 1941 as a family-owned and operated business making wallets and billfolds. Later in the 90s it produced a specially designed leather handbag for women that opened up the female market to them. They never looked back since.

Now, Coach bags may not cost you as much as a Prada bag would but make no mistake, this is still a high luxury brand. They entered the Chinese market in 2008 and have grown in leaps and bounds from the profits.

Through collaborations and convincing market strategies, Coach was on the frontline of the e-commerce come up in China. They partnered with the Chinese industries to create the online platform, Tmall.

Other than on Tmall, Coach also features on the WeChat site that is popular with the Chinese nationals. In 2017, Coach rebranded and took on the name of its parent company, Tapestry. While this angered their fans, they were quickly reassured that the products will maintain the Coach brand name.

Most of our beloved Coach bags are made in China and the in sewn tag should be clear on that as they do not shy away from confessing their manufacturing contract with China.

8.Louis Vuitton

This is the most lucrative and iconic fashion brand names of all times. They pride themselves in being a cut above the rest and their business operations and practices speak to those high standards.

Louis Vuitton seems to have no intentions of manufacturing in China though it is the strategic and profitable option taken by many others in this line of work. LV insists that all their products are either produced in Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, France and the United States.

This is true and proven by the date code letters engraved on the inner lining of their bags or apparels. These two-letter codes denote exactly where the bag was built and the design and techniques used in its creation.

In China, LV does not try to partner with the online or physical stores there. They practice independent branding which means they do not require or see the need to pander to the public’s needs. They are strictly high-fashion luxury.


Though not common practice, some luxury brands admit to having outsourced manufacturing to China.

However, most of them tend to sweep it under the rug to avoid influencing a change in perception that could affect their profitability.

As things stand, Chinese manufacturers are efficient, detailed and resourceful.

As long as the brands control the quality of material and techniques used in manufacturing, China will continue producing high-quality luxury goods.

For more reading, please go to this page for more fashion brands story or visit our latest posts.

8 Luxury Brands Made in China That’ll Blow Your Mind (1)


Tiger is a fashion&jewelry lover. He is also a fashion jewelry manufacturer that help thousands of small business to grow and also do business with some big fashion jewelry brands. He is a truly metal expert and he will share some information you are looking for.

8 Luxury Brands Made in China That’ll Blow Your Mind (2024)


What brands are Chinese obsessed with? ›

Status-conscious buyers still covet Hermès, Chanel, Dior and Louis Vuitton – and scholars say it's because of the absence of traditions and rapid urbanisation. There is no doubt that China is the global focus of the luxury industry.

What luxury brands are made in China? ›

Today, luxury brands such as Burberry, Armani, and Prada manufacture in China not just because it is cheap but also because they are still able to get good workmanship for the price.

What is the most popular luxury brand in China? ›

Dior remained the most successful luxury brand on the Chinese short video app Douyin. During the week from July 9 to 15, 2023, Dior scored the highest - 222,045 points – on Douyin's brand index. Longines climbed to the second with 187,019 points while Cartier kept its third spot.

What famous brand are made in China? ›

iPhones and iPads

The iPhone and iPad might feel as American as the pie that shares their company name, but that is not the case. Even though Apple has its headquarters in California, manufacturing is done in China.

Why are Chinese obsessed with luxury? ›

Chinese consumers are eager to purchase luxury as a means of social advancement and self-differentiation. They are also highly accustomed to shopping during their travels, with over 70% of Chinese consumers planning to travel overseas after the lifting of the Chinese Mainland's quarantine requirements.

What big products are made in China? ›

They make cell phones, tablets, computers, optical readers, televisions, microphones, circuits, and semiconductors. Most of the electronics you use in your everyday life contain components that are produced in China. Many different types of clothing are manufactured in China.

Is Saint Laurent made in China? ›

Saint Laurent, a revered luxury brand known for its sophisticated designs, predominantly manufactures its products in Italy. This country serves as the primary hub for Saint Laurent's handbag and accessories production. In addition to Italy, Saint Laurent extends its manufacturing operations to other regions as well.

Is Prada ever made in China? ›

A fun fact about Prada is that 20% of Prada's entire range is made in China while the other 80% is in Italy and other European countries.

Is any Gucci made in China? ›

No, Gucci handbags are not made in China — according to Gucci, their purses are 100 percent made in Italy. If you see Gucci purses stamped “Made in China,” they're not authentic.

What is the brand of the best China? ›

The Kantar BrandZ Top 10 Most Valuable Chinese Brands 2022
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1TencentMedia and Entertainment
4DouyinMedia and Entertainment
6 more rows
Aug 25, 2022

Is Louis Vuitton cheap in China? ›

"Looking at the international price landscape in the luxury sector, Retviews' data shows that high-end luxury players maintain a consistent lower price positioning in Japan compared to China," the study said, with Louis Vuitton having the highest differential (-50%), compared to -14% for Gucci, -6% for Celine and -8% ...

Which luxury brand won the right to use its name in China? ›

SHANGHAI, July 19 (Reuters) - Manolo Blahnik, the shoe brand made famous by its celebrity fans and regular appearances in TV drama "Sex and the City", said on Tuesday it has won a legal battle in China to use its own name, paving the way for the brand's expansion across the country.

What is still made in China? ›

Many high-demand components for industrial users are also routinely China manufactured for U.S. companies. Fiber-optic products, call stations, HVAC products, and even pizza ovens are only a few of the many products now produced by Chinese factories for export.

What is China's most popular product? ›

Smartphones are one of the most popular products in China, and the demand for them has been increasing steadily. The top-selling brands in China in 2023 include Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo.

What products do Chinese people like? ›

What Chinese Consumers Want Most
  • Clothing. Fashion is one of the biggest product categories for Chinese consumers looking to buy imported products, according to Amee Chande, managing director of global strategy and operations for Alibaba Group. ...
  • Skincare. ...
  • Seafood. ...
  • Wine. ...
  • Baby Accessories.
Jun 22, 2017

What American products do Chinese want? ›

Which American products are the most popular in China? According to Iresearch, the most popular categories of American products in China include cosmetics and personal care (46%), mom and baby care, formula milk (39%), nutrition supplements (39%), and fashion, apparel, and bags (38%).

What American products are sold in China? ›

Here are the most popular American brands in China today:
  • General Motors: Auto manufacturer has 14.7% market share, competes against Toyota, Volkswagen. ...
  • Apple: PC and gadget maker has 83% market share, competes against Samsung, Microsoft. ...
  • Nike: ...
  • Starbucks: ...
  • Microsoft Windows: ...
  • KFC: ...
  • Gillette: ...
  • Coca-Cola:
May 18, 2013

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