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Who killed Santa?

No, at first glance, it is not an iatrogenic death, even if it is fashionable now to incriminate the pharmaceutical industry forgetting that many other actors are part of this vicious circle that medicalizes our lives. And even if, given the venerable age of Santa Claus, it is certain that an agonist analog GnRH (Enantone, Decapeptyl …) or a glitazone (Actos …) or a gliptin or … would have provoked a heart attack in less than two or heart failure in less than three. Or maybe Santa Claus has abused Viagra too much, with these obligatory, uniformly prescribed times of play, performance and duration.

Is not Don Quijote who wants …

Anyway, if you want to raise a battery of children fanatics nuclear, fierce opponents of ecology and technosciences – even if it is not Mother Nature who has grown the wind turbines – show them this image of Jean-Michel Thiriet and explain to them why they will not have any more video games next year, nor dolls suffering from breast hypertrophy by prostheses to inflate the hole of the Secu, nor animals which illustrate the digestive functions …

The Enlightenment – this is the case to say – will have been right about the myth and the obscurantism of our kids …

In 2012, let’s try to make the joke of George Peters quoted by Professor Jean-Louis Montastruc: “one medicine is fine, two drugs, it’s possible, three drugs, watch the patient, four drugs, monitor the doctor; five drugs, hospitalize the doctor! “

Since no one tries this thankless task, Pharmacritique should “monitor” as doctors, even though some of them, fortunately rare, prefer to see myself in the place of Santa Claus on a wind turbine blade (c ‘ is the message of peace and love of neighbor that emerges from their “announcements” or “good news”, to stay in the vocabulary of season …). Maybe they will find a little serenity or they will solve a possible dysfunction of biliary secretions thanks to the guaranteed natural drugs, in DCI, effective and without undesirable effects listed on this page , like the Fepalcon °;) From the time of the hippies , there were other substances to create a mood of peace and love;)

Happy New Year everyone!

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