The Benefits of Online Pharmacy

A simpler and more extensive choice

We can not say that choosing a product in a pharmacy is the simplest thing, except when you already know what you want precisely. In most cases we leave it to the seller. If you want to be able to choose your own product among those in the same category, the online pharmacy should suit you. Not only is it easier to choose, but it is often more important than in a conventional pharmacy.

An online pharmacy is like an online store. The different articles are grouped under different categories and sub categories. Just click on one of them to reveal the choice of products available. Not to mention that all online pharmacies have a search tool. Thus, the user will be able to type the name of the product in a search bar and see appear on the screen the corresponding articles. Otherwise, it is also possible to sort by different criteria: price, category, type of care, type of container, etc.

In a few clicks you can easily sort the different articles on the site of the online pharmacy and find the one that interests us. Especially for each of them we can read a small description. It is therefore we who choose the product by comparing it to others of the same category.

Online pharmacies also provide access to a huge selection of over-the-counter medications and other wellness products. You can choose between more different items than in a traditional pharmacy. We find everything we need when it comes to a product that does not require a prescription.

And thanks to the simplified sorting, despite this huge choice, finding a product is quick and easy in just a few clicks. Just add the ones you need in the basket and confirm the order. The items will then be delivered to the indicated address or to the selected parcel relay within a few days.

Better prices

Do you know that for non-prescription drugs it’s the pharmacists themselves who set the prices. If in some pharmacies there is no abuse, in others prices can be multiplied by 3 or 4. The problem is that we rarely compare prices between different pharmacies in our city . In addition, sometimes the city may contain only one pharmacy. By going on the internet, the comparison is simpler and prices are very often lower.

Online pharmacy is not the only place where you can see better prices online than in classic stores. This phenomenon is present in most e-commerce. This is even one of the main advantages to buying its products on the internet. Online pharmacies are no exception to the rule, so it is generally cheaper to buy non-prescription drugs over the internet than in a conventional boutique.

In order for this price gap to be really interesting, we advise you to group your purchases in one order. Indeed, we must not forget that home delivery is financed by postage. The more items an order contains and / or the higher the order amount, the lower the shipping costs. For example, it is not the same thing to pay € 5 shipping fee for an order of € 20 for an order of € 50. Especially since very often, from a certain amount of purchase the costs are free.

We do not encourage you to buy any product to increase the order amount. No, the goal is to try to group the different products that will be needed in a single order instead of making an order such month, another the following month, etc. We must anticipate the next purchases that will be necessary to include them in the next order. It’s a bigger expense right now, but you only pay the delivery costs once instead of a few times.

With this method, we benefit more from lower prices offered by online pharmacies. Otherwise, some online pharmacies offer withdrawal at the pharmacy, that is to say at no extra cost.

Secure purchases

For those who are reluctant to shop at online pharmacy sites for fear of insufficient security. Know that online pharmacies use the same security processes that large e-commerce sites. There is virtually no risk of being stolen bank details when you make a transaction on an online pharmacy. At least, no more risk than a site like Amazon for example.

Clarification that only pharmacists by profession are allowed to sell medicines without prescriptions on the internet in France ( List available here ). In other words, when you visit the site of an online pharmacy, the available products are sold by a pharmacist and not any individual selling articles on the web.

If you fear not to be on a real pharmacy online, do not hesitate to type the name of it on the internet and to look at the opinions of the Internet users. A fraudulent site is quickly detected on the internet, and word of mouth is so fast that these sites are quickly closed by the authorities.

But again, always buy your medications without prescriptions from recognized online pharmacies. There is a list available on the internet and gathering all sites authorized to sell drugs online in France. Only pharmacists with a pharmacy, those managing a mutual pharmacy or a mining pharmacy can have an e-commerce activity.

The over-the-counter medications found on online pharmacies are the same as those available in conventional pharmacies. Online pharmacies must also always offer the site the opportunity to contact a pharmacist.

Regarding online payment, it benefits from the same security tools as most e-commerce sites. So there is no need to worry about it.

Ibuprofen: question of dose and price?

“We have ibuprofenizado to the Spanish society”, admitted the doctor Jose Luis Llisterri , president of the Spanish Society of Doctors of AP, after knowing the warning of cardiovascular risk associated to the consumption of high doses of ibuprofeno (equal or greater to 2,400 mg / day ) and dexibuprofen issued by the Spanish Agency of medicines and health products (AEMPS), on April 13.

Professionals have quickly warned of the risks of self-medication or of dispensing over-the-counter 600 mg ibuprofen. Let’s open here again a parenthesis to insist: always with a recipe! Do not give, please, no excuse.

Having said that, one has the feeling that everyone takes their hands to their heads when there are alerts of this type that affect mass-consumption drugs, as is the case. It’s like remembering Santa Barbara only when it thunders.


Reviewing the sales figures, ibuprofen appears as the sixth most consumed active ingredient in the Spanish medicine cabinet. Between August 2013 and July 2014, only in the National Health System were prescribed 17.9 million containers of this drug, worth 48.2 million euros, not counting the containers that were bought without a prescription and that they can double that value. Health authorities would do well to control the use of other blockbusters, such as omeprazole, paracetamol, simvastatin, acetylsalicylic acid or atorvastatin, the top five in the number of containers .

All these medicines have a common denominator, which is their low price. They are low prices that place your treatment cost day between 0.1 and 0.2 euros. It may well be happening, and it is convenient to analyze it thoroughly, that with these prices we are banalizing the use of these drugs in the eyes of some professionals and also of citizens. It is already known that what does not cost, is not valued and ends up being used imprudently and unduly.

It is what may be happening with these medications that, let us not forget, have their interactions and that in high doses, as has happened with ibuprofen , may be associated with an increased risk of arterial thrombosis.

Professionals are responsible for influencing the education of citizens in this area and improving their training, but the authorities should know that they can not continue to sink prices at the risk of a large part of the population confusing the pills with innocuous colored jellybeans. anyone can be prescribed.