Medicines Sold Only by Pharmacists

In a previous article, we saw that online pharmacies could only sell drugs that did not require a prescription . We briefly mentioned the fact that, in addition, these over-the-counter medications can only be sold online by pharmacists. It is therefore on this last point that we return in this article. Especially since initially, the first proposal of law authorized a wider panel of resellers.

When pharmacists put pressure

We understand perfectly well that the sale of drugs is regulated. This avoids excesses, counterfeiting, trafficking, or access to drugs that can be dangerous or used as drugs. Besides, it is quite normal that anyone can not sell drugs online and that only some dealers can do so. This was originally planned in the ordinance of December 19, 2012. It allowed the sale of non-prescription drugs under certain conditions. Several potential resellers were allowed, such as supermarket chains or certain persons meeting specific criteria.

However, pharmacists, through the National Association of Pharmacists, did not find this sufficient and responded quickly. The goal is that only pharmacists have the right to sell drugs online. They finally won the case and in the order of 1 January 2013 it is clear that the online sale of medicines without prescription can be done only by pharmacists.

Of course, it is understandable that pharmacists feeling threatened by the development of online sales of drugs want to be the only authorized resellers. However, we are talking about non-prescription drugs that can be purchased at any pharmacy without anyone checking if they are needed. Perhaps it would have been better to redefine over-the-counter drugs than to totally prohibit the sale of certain products that are classified as non-prescription drugs and that do not represent a real danger. It’s a bit the same process that prevents retail chains from selling non-prescription drugs in their stores.

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